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Concierge Studio Servies

We'll Bring Everything You Need for Professional Recording

Audio Engineer

With every booking, you are hiring an experienced recording engineer to handle your session.  With a tested and proven engineer, you can feel confident that you are producing professional-quality music. 

Audio Engineer
Recording Studio
Professional Gear

Fix My Sounds will always use professional recording software and hardware.  We'll bring everything including professional mics, headphones, preamps, and more.  Just be the artist of your dreams and we'll help it become a reality.

24/7 Customer Support

Do have questions or concerns?  Our quality customer service team is standing by 24/7 to assist you. (English & Spanish) They can even help with booking appointments.

Customer Support Representative

Plans & Pricing

Mobile Studio Service

W / Plan
  • 40-50 audio file cleanups

  • 40-50 professionally mixed vocals & instrument tracks-Advanced Mix

  • Free Mix Templates (most DAW's)

  • Free sample packs

  • Advanced Mix (Including AutoTune)

  • Mobile Studio Services (Up to 4 or 8 bookings )

On Air Sign


W / O Plan
  • $100 deposit required

  • $60 per hour

  • professionally mixed vocals for session files only.

  • Advanced Mix

  • No Free Mix Templates 

  • No Free sample packs

  • Advanced Mix (Including AutoTune)

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