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mix & mastering services

Mastering $65

Do you have your song produced, recorded, and mixed and need to get the final polishment so you can deliver it to the world in the best possible quality? Our mastering services can help you shape your sound in the way you have in mind! Essential for single productions. Vital for album and EP productions!!! 1 free revision is included.

Stem Mastering $139

Do you need some extra refinement on the mix but don't want to mix the entire song from scratch? Stem mastering is the perfect option for you! By submitting the groups (stems) of your finished mixes, like drums, strings, synths, and vocals, our mastering engineer can improve any required instrument group while still mastering your song!

Advanced service 
9 per song

Mixing with a beat / instrumental / 2-track

Up to 10 vocal tracks

Vocal editing/cleaning/synchronization

Creative Autotune


1 free revision

platinum service $349 per song

Full mix from trackouts / stems

Up to 24 stems

Vocal editing/cleaning/synchronization

Autotune / Melodyne (pitch correction)


3 free revisions

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